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產品: Trypsin
Material of porcine & Bovine origin which quality is in full compliance with USP, EP. Standard qualities Trypsin greater than 2500 USP units/mg ...
公司: [ CN] Xiamen Runcheng International Co., Ltd.
產品: Glipizide
Glipizide is white or almost white powder. CAS:29094-61-9 Standard:USP29 Our production capacity/year:10ton/year; Quotation:FOB shanghai USD400.00/KG ...
公司: [ CN] Changzhou Rohdea Biotech Co.,Ltd
Glyphosate 41% SL
產品: Glyphosate 41% SL
Glyphosate is a very popular herbicides. Glyphosate 41% SL, 1L HDPE bottle, 12bottles/carton, 1080cartons/container. For more information,please contact ...
公司: [ CN] Yufull Industry Co., Ltd
5' Nucleotides
產品: 5' Nucleotides
The product has been approved by FDA. We are the largest DNA/RNA manufacturer in China with successful international experiences to South Korea, Japan, ...
公司: [ US] Izthinking Technology
Rapid Oral HIV-1/2 test kit
產品: Rapid Oral HIV-1/2 Test Kit
Real one-step HIV test kit using saliva, with accuracy>99.5% and 100% safety, designed for the slightest operatemiss even used by green hands. In the ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Isure Biotech co.,ltd.
產品: HGH
we can supply products: 10261 HGH: (4iu/vial,10iu/vial,20iu/vial) 10262 IGF-1 long R3: (0.1mg/vial, 1mg/vial.) 10263 HCG:(5000IU/vial) 10264 ...
公司: [ CN] shanghai ximy Biotech. Co. Ltd.
產品: Nicosulfuron,Metolachlor,Bentazone,Glyphosate,Triasulfuron,Fluazifop-P-Butyl,Acetochlor,Clethodim,Tr
herbicides,fungicides,insecticides,pesticides,agrochemicals Shenzhen Most Enterprise Development CO.,LTD Email dengwp mostgroup com Http //www agroxim ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Most Enterprise Development Co.,Ltd
Food Authenticity Analysis Service
產品: Food Authenticity Analysis Service
Food Authenticity is not only misleads the consumers, but also harmful to health, religious, and ethical implications. Food Authenticity Analysis Service ...
公司: [ US] Creative Proteomics
creatine monohydrate
產品: Creatine Monohydrate
We are one of the leading manufacturer of amino acids and derivatives used as cosmetics, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical intermediates. "Best ...
公司: [ CN] KimChem Co.,Ltd
Veterinary Medicine
產品: Veterinary Medicine
Veterinary Medicine Jinan Agristar Animal Medicine Co., Ltd. Is a joint venture of Agristar Group, Australian Pacific Meridian Animal Health Pty. Ltd. ...
公司: [ CN] Jinan Agristar Animal Medicine Co., Ltd.
Albendazole Oral Suspension
產品: Albendazole Oral Suspension
GENERIC NAME 2.5% Albendazole Oral Suspension COMPOSITION Albendazole INDICATIONS As a broad spectrum, high-performance and low-toxicity anthelmintic ...
公司: [ CN] Shenyang Tianpeng Aimal Health Product Factory
BM-Bead Genomic DNA Kit (Blood)
產品: BM-Bead Genomic DNA Kit (Blood)
Sample: up to 200 ul of whole blood Introduction: The BM-Bead Genomic DNA Kit provides a fast, simple, and cost-effective method for isolation of ...
公司: [ TW] Fair Biotechnology Inc.
diagnostic reagent
產品: Diagnostic Reagent
We are BioSino Bio-Technology & Science Inc,The largest IVD manufacturer in China.Our main products are biochemical reagent which used on opening system ...
公司: [ CN] BioSino Bio-technology & Science Inc.
Plasma synthetic spherical ion-doped TiO2
產品: Plasma Synthetic Spherical Ion-Doped TiO2
The nano particle of ISI as "TC4A3" is a brand new exotic TiO2 with various caracteristics. 200-400nm Ultraviolet rays are perfectly scattered ...
公司: [ JP] ISI Inc.
HYGETROPIN HGH, 200IU/kit, 25iu * 8 vials
產品: HYGETROPIN HGH, 200IU/Kit, 25iu * 8 Vials
We are manufacturers,can supply HGH raw material, IGF-1 raw material, GHRP-6/2 raw material, HCG raw material, cjc-1295 raw material, etc. Can OEM/ODM ...
公司: [ CN] Beijing Runfeng Jin kang biological science and development Co,.Ltd
產品: RhEPO---SEPO
1. Erythropoietin (EPO) is a hormone produced by the kidney that promotes the formation of red blood cells by the bone marrow. Erythropoietin stimulates the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells. The resultant rise in red cells increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. EPO's major functions are to promote the development of red blood cells and Initiate the synthesis of hemoglobin, the molecule within red cells that transports oxygen. Using recombinant DNA technology, rhEPO has been synthetically produced for use as a treatment for persons with certain types of anemia, especially for pregnancy anemia. Specification: 3000 IU/vial, 4000 IU/vial, 5000 IU/vial Payment term: T/T or western union Delivery time: Prompt
公司: [ CN] Supertrade Co., Ltd
Cosmetic Grade Hyaluronic Acid
產品: Cosmetic Grade Hyaluronic Acid
Description: White powder Particle Size: 100% pass through 80 mesh sieve Ph: 6.0-8.0 Transparency: 99% Loss on drying: 8.0% Bulk Density: 0.10-0.60g/cm3 ...
公司: [ CN] Qufu Ht biotechnology Co.,Ltd
產品: GHRP-6
melanotan-1,melanotan-2,GHRP-2,GHRP-6,CJC1295,DAC-CJC1295,MGF,PEG-MGF,HGH,IGF,Sermorelin,Hexarelin,PT141,Argireline 1mg2mg5mg10mg20mg30mg50mg100mg1000mg Char ...
公司: [ CN] Charmbiojokey
Elisa test kit
產品: Elisa Test Kit
ANIMAL DISEASE ELISA TEST KIT 1.Avian flu viruses(H5N1)antibody Elisa kit 2.Hog cholera indirect haemagglutination assay test kit 3.Hog cholera ...
公司: [ CN] Shen zhen lvshiyuan biotechnology Co., Ltd
Anti-CEACAM5 (clone huMAb2-1)-SPDB-DM4 ADC
產品: Anti-CEACAM5 (Clone huMAb2-1)-SPDB-DM4 ADC
This ADC product is comprised of an anti-CEACAM5 monoclonal antibody (clone huMAb2-1) conjugated via a SPDB linker to a DM4. The DM4 is targeted to certain ...
公司: [ US] Creative Biolabs inc
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