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1.4mp CCD Microscope camera
產品: 1.4mp CCD Microscope Camera
The MCX141 is a 1.4 megapixel color CCD camera. It is our most popular general use dedicated microscopy camera. With a 16Mb onboard buffer memory, it delivers ...
公司: [ CN] Lane Optical Technology Co., Ltd.
Ambroxol Hydrochloride Injection
產品: Ambroxol Hydrochloride Injection
Product Name: [Ambroxol Hydrochloride Injection] Strength: 2ml: 15mg Dosage Form: Injection Indications: All forms of tracheobronchitis, emphysema with ...
公司: [ CN] Chengdu Baiyu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Amino Acids attached 2-Chlorotrityl Resin
產品: Amino Acids Attached 2-Chlorotrityl Resin
Amino Acids attached to 2-Chlorotrityl Resin Product Name H-Ala-2-Chlorotrityl Resin H-Arg(Pbf)-2-Chlorotrityl Resin H-Asn-2-Chlorotrityl ...
公司: [ CN] Lan Gen Co.,Ltd.
產品: RhEPO---SEPO
1. Erythropoietin (EPO) is a hormone produced by the kidney that promotes the formation of red blood cells by the bone marrow. Erythropoietin stimulates the bone marrow to produce more red blood cells. The resultant rise in red cells increases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. EPO's major functions are to promote the development of red blood cells and Initiate the synthesis of hemoglobin, the molecule within red cells that transports oxygen. Using recombinant DNA technology, rhEPO has been synthetically produced for use as a treatment for persons with certain types of anemia, especially for pregnancy anemia. Specification: 3000 IU/vial, 4000 IU/vial, 5000 IU/vial Payment term: T/T or western union Delivery time: Prompt
公司: [ CN] Supertrade Co., Ltd
產品: Rimonbant
white of almost white crystailline powder
公司: [ CN] Shandong huameng chemicals industry co.,ltd
產品: Glipizide
Glipizide is white or almost white powder. CAS:29094-61-9 Standard:USP29 Our production capacity/year:10ton/year; Quotation:FOB shanghai USD400.00/KG ...
公司: [ CN] Changzhou Rohdea Biotech Co.,Ltd
Levamisole injection levamisole tablet lincomycin hcl injection
產品: Levamisole Injection Levamisole Tablet Lincomycin Hcl Injection
Levamisole tablet 150mg 300mg Detailed product description: Levamisole Hcl tablet Active ingredient: levamisole Hcl Indications: levamisole ...
公司: [ CN] Jian HEK animal health co.,ltd
DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone, Prasterone)
產品: DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone, Prasterone)
CAS#: 53-43-0 M.W.: 288.42
公司: [ CN] Tai Sheng Biosciences Co., Ltd.
Human MMP-1 ELISA kit for lab research
產品: Human MMP-1 ELISA Kit For Lab Research
Hangzhou SunLong BIotech Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacture of elisa kits for research use,thousands of kits can be provided.OEM is welcome. Any ...
公司: [ CN] hangzhou sunLong lab co.,ltd
Ganoderma extract powder
產品: Ganoderma Extract Powder
1. Canoderma Polysaccharide: Enhancing immunity, restraining proliferation of cancer. 2. Terpene: Reducing cholesterol in plasma, anti - bacterial and ...
公司: [ CN] Yingzhitang Bio-engineering co.,Ltd
HCG Rapid Diagnostic Test
產品: HCG Rapid Diagnostic Test
Our Beijing Condor-Teco Medical Technology Co., Ltd., is specialized manufacturing, researching and marketing medical in vitro diagnostic test kits. We ...
公司: [ CN] Beijing Condor-Teco Medical Technology Co., Ltd.
Neutral Protease
產品: Neutral Protease
This industrial neutral protease preparation is produced via submerged fermentation of high yield strain screened by Institute of Microbiology, Chinese ...
公司: [ CN] greenyear
peptide synthesis services
產品: Peptide Synthesis Services
Shanghai Hanhong Chemical Co.,LTD can provide high-quality and low-price fast custom-made peptide for your scientific research. According to your requirement, ...
公司: [ CN] Shanghai Hanhong Bio-Chem Co.,LTD.
Synthetic cannabis-BSA Antigen Conjugate Drug of Abuse for In vitro research and manufacture use
產品: Synthetic Cannabis-BSA Antigen Conjugate Drug Of Abuse For In Vitro Research And Manufacture Use
Quick Detail: Name Synthetic cannabis-BSA Antigen Conjugate Application Invitro research and manufacture use; membrane assay, ELISA assay, FIA assay, ...
公司: [ CN] Hangzhou Bi-Trumed Biotech Co.,Ltd
Emamectin benzoate
產品: Emamectin Benzoate
1. Appointed manufacturer of agrochemicals By Nation 2. Significant scale manufacturer 3. QS: ISO9001:2008 4. ISO14001:2004 1.For control of ...
公司: [ CN] Zhejiang Sega Science and Technology Co., Ltd
產品: Trypsin
Bovin Trypsin Synonym Cationic trypsin Bovine pancreatic trypsin Beta-trypsin Alpha-trypsin Source: Bovin Pancreas CAS Number: 9002-07-7 UniProt ...
公司: [ CN] HongKong PE Biosciences Limited
Digital VET machine
產品: Digital VET Machine
Clinical Application and Main Specification: 1.Normal and reproductive inspection of dogs, cats, cows, horses, sheep and other animals 2.Imaging Mode: ...
公司: [ CN] Wuhan Zoncare Electronics Co.,Ltd
sildenafil citrate tablet
產品: Sildenafil Citrate Tablet
sildenafil citrate tablet 100mg 50mg in blister or bottle tadalafil tab 20mg blister liquid for men's impotency looking for agent all over the world
公司: [ CN] Shanghai BF International Co.Ltd
產品: 胆红素
胆红素通过现代工艺从动物胆汁中提取加工制成,对人体具解毒、镇静、镇惊、解热、降压作用,能促进红细胞的新生提高免疫再生能力。主要用于人工牛黄的原料及药品、保健品、化妆品等高新技术行业。本公司生产的胆红素通过湖北省出入境检验检疫局技术中心用薄层色谱法和液相色谱法检测,结果为:胆红素含量98.6% ,薄层鉴别样品和标准品为同一物质,最大吸收波长453nm。本公司现具有月产高含量(≥95%)胆红素40~50KG的生产能力,且一年以上产品结构稳定,含量无减退。
公司: [ CN] Tianmen Shuangling Company limited
Icariin Reference Standards
產品: Icariin Reference Standards
Icariin Plant original: From the Dry leaves of Epimedium sagittatum Maxim Chemical Properties Chemical Formula:C33H40O15 Formula Weight:676.6 ...
公司: [ CN] Shaanxi Huayu Bio-Tech Co.,Ltd (hyphytochem)
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