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公司: [ TW] JIH-I Machine Co., Ltd.
Automateic bale opening machine
產品: Automateic Bale Opening Machine
公司: [ TW] Sun Mien Mechanical Co., Ltd.
Vertical Machining Centers
產品: Vertical Machining Centers
1. Adopted four box guide ways to achieve the most rigid support for X- and Y- axis. 2. Ball-screws use the unique pre-pull mechanism to average the load on parts, assuring the best accuracy. 3. 3 axes transmission by direct driven with servo motor ensure high positioning accuracy and repeatability. 4. All machines are inspected by standards of JIS B6338 and 5. VDI / DGQ 3441 to assure of the accuracy quality. 6. Adopt fit-volume lubricant system to offer the most suitable flow rate for box way. All gibs use the full-closed oil way to achieve raise the machine long-term life. 7. An oil cooler for spindle cooling is standard equipment on the machine. This cooler works with room temperature to efficiently control temperature to minimizes thermal distortion. 8. The long nose spindlehead ensures workpiece accessibility and allows deep cavity cutting operation.
公司: [ TW] Vision Wide Tech Co., Ltd.
CAT Tool Holder System
產品: CAT Tool Holder System
Each collet chuck has been locked with a nut, but not including a spanner and collet. The draw bar thread can make pull studs locked precisely and easily, ...
Milling Machine
產品: Milling Machine
1.The machine body is made of high grade meechanite cast iron robust, superior of material quality. 2.The step variable speed spindle which adopts the ...
公司: [ TW] Jiuh Yeh Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
Auto Double Surface Planer
產品: Auto Double Surface Planer
FLEXIBLE TRANSMISSION SHAFT Eliminating the conventional chain or belt drive which may cause power loss or accuracy problems. The transmission system ...
公司: [ TW] Extend Light Machinery Co., Ltd.
High quality, competitive price and prompt delivery time.
公司: [ TW] Dah Lian Machine Co., Ltd.
Circular Saw
產品: Circular Saw
MODEL P-50ILA Capacity 8 - 50 mm 8 - 40 mm Blade Motor 10 HP Hydraulic Pump Motor 2 HP Blade Speed 17 - 200 rpm Saw Blade Size (T: kerf t: ...
公司: [ TW] Everising Machine Co., Ltd.
Siamese Twins CNC Lathes
產品: 雙機一體車床
別出心裁,將兩部獨立的車床合而為一;既可個別操作,亦可聯合作業,完成另一半的加工流程。 配置兩個健溢專利中置主軸,與兩套數控系統。使用上與一般運用兩部車床一樣,但是更可節省佔地面積、僱用人員,以及搬運與運轉的時間。 選配機械手為自動送收料系統,更是達到完全自動化與減少人員聘任的最佳選擇
公司: [ TW] Chien Yih Machinery Co., Ltd.
The design of the wafer grinding machine is basically inheriting the work principle of a vertical gr
產品: The Design Of The Wafer Grinding Machine Is Basically Inheriting The Work Principle Of A Vertical Gr
The design of the wafer grinding machine is basically inheriting the work principle of a vertical grinding machine. A diamond grinding wheel is fitted to the air floating spindle. The wafer grinding machine performs vertical grinding on hard and brittle workpieces requiring rigorous surface accuracy and flatness. One evident example is the use of water surface grinding during semi-conductor processes. This process will decide the minimum sizes for wafer sealing and system sealing. In fact, the rigorous requirements for surface flatness and roughness in wafer surface grinding can be achieved only by a specially design ed wafer grinding machines. The machine employs an air floating spindle fitted with a diamond grinding wheel - the water is sucked onto an air floating table.
公司: [ TW] Joen Lih Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tornos Swiss Type CNC Lathe (2001)
產品: Tornos Swiss Type CNC Lathe (2001)
Tornos Swiss Type CNC Lathe (2001) - Quality Second Hand Machinery
公司: [ TW] Seho Industry Co., Ltd
CNC Heavy Duty Flat Bed Lathe
產品: CNC Heavy Duty Flat Bed Lathe
Special Design for Heavy Cutting Standard Accessories: 1. Fanuc control & (30/35HP) main motor 2. 12" 3-jaw hydraulic hollow chuck 3. 10 ...
公司: [ TW] CNC-TAKANG Co., Ltd.
Machining Centers
產品: Machining Centers
Description of standard accessories: 1. Full length enclosure VMC-84, VMC-115. 2. Splash table guard VMC-136, VMC-158, VMC-199, VMC-229, AF-8. 3. Remote manual pulse generator (M.P.G.). 4. Oil & coolant separator. 5. Automatic lubrication system. 6. Taper air through spindle. 7. collant unit. 8. Spindle chiller. 9. Work lamp. 10. Air blast. 11. Heat exchanger. 12. Tool box with leveling bolts & pads. 13. One set of AGMA operational manual. 14. One set of control operational manual. Description of optional accessories: 1. Full length enclosure VMC-136, VMC-158, VMC-199, VMC-229, AF-8. 2. CE compliance. 3. EMC compliance 4. 4th axis rotary table. 5. Tilting table. 6. Coolant through spindle (CTS). 7. 6,000 rpm gear driven spindle (50 taper). 8. 8,000 rpm belt driven spindle (50 taper). 9. High pressure coolant pump. 10. Tool probe (renishaw or specified brand). 11. Tool pre-setter. 12. Oil tool block. 13. Graphite machining fixture. 14. Chip conveyer. 15. Optional controller (please specify).
公司: [ TW] Top-One Machinery Co., Ltd.
Vertical Machining Centers
產品: 立式綜合加工機
滑道採用高精度線軌,經精心安裝及調整,保證具優異的進給精度,使用壽命長。 採用仕元獨特的高速加工技術理念設計,搭配先進的控制系統,及可選配直結式主軸。 THRUST 系列可搭配 12,000 RPM / 15,000 RPM 高速精密主軸,低噪音,振動小,及低熱變位等諸多特性。 功能強勁,高剛性,價格最具競爭力。
公司: [ TW] Maxmill Machinery Co., Ltd.
High Speed Cheese Type Winder
產品: 高速型扁紗捲取機
高科技的電子張力控制器操控扭力、以達到每分鐘400米的收紗速度 高品質的凸輪和精密的零件、能有效減少耗損 簡單的控制方法,方便操作
公司: [ TW] Shing Tsao Machinery Co., Ltd.
CNC Turning Lathes
產品: CNC Turning Lathes
The LYICO series is a single spindle double turret CNC automatic lathe, integrating many fine features such as high speed, precision construction throughout, proven quality, and high efficiency. Especially ideal for turning various parts, including automotive parts, valves, electronic components and computer components. Other features included are: (1) 30" slant bed construction. 510mm maximum swing, 320mm maximum turning diameter, 315mm maximum turning length. Easy to remove chips with an ergonomic structural design. (2) Inside and outside diameters can be cut simultaneously. It saves 1/3~1/2 cutting time over conventional lathes. (3) Parts catcher is normally applied together with collet chuck and bar feeder for fully automatic operation. This also permits parts to be separated from chips.
公司: [ TW] Jinn Fa Machine industrial Co., Ltd.
Electric pedestrian fork lift truck
產品: 自走式電動堆高機
公司: [ ] Maw Hung Co., Ltd.
CNC EDM Machines
產品: CNC EDM Machines
Generator: 1. Employs 32 bits industrial grade computer for mximum stability, fast execution, and great memory capacity. 2. Employs advanced window display for convenient operation. 3. Automatic traverse and positioning function for three axes. 4. Maximum 1000 positioning holes for each life. 5. Over 8 modes orbiting modes. 6. Z-axis features 10 steps machining and auto change the machining parameters. 7. Parameters such as machine rigidity travel speed, arcing sensitivity, flushing height Chinese / English display and inch / metric can be set as desired. 8. Maximum memory capacity is up to 100 working files. Machining mode (single step or full steps), machining simulation, arcing height, Z-axis compensation, coordinate compensation. 9. 9 sets of home points & 100 sets of machining coodinates. 10. Digital dual voltage (high/low voltage) currents being synchronously discharged to ensure faster metal removal rate, low electrode wear and uniform surface finish. 11. Intelligent arcing auto adjustment functiion: Intelligent arcing sensor & adjust paraments to ensure best performance. 2. New "FUZZY" edition function: just input: (1) material of electrode & workpiece (2) machining depth. (3) bimaximum current & (4) minimum current, the "FUZZY" will auto set the machining parameters for each step from roughing to final finishing.
公司: [ TW] Oscare E.d.m Company Ltd.
Vertical Turning Centers (VTL series)
產品: Vertical Turning Centers (VTL Series)
A patented coupling type clamping system along with eight hydraulic locking pins keep the tool in place during heavy stock removal. The rotary table is ...
公司: [ TW] Falcon Machine Tools Co., Ltd.
Drilling EDM
產品: Drilling EDM
Simple and Convenient. All axes use linear ways. Auto Tool Change is optional. (12 tools) Ideal for irregular-shape Drilling for Automotive Parts.
公司: [ TW] Ocean Techologies Co., Ltd.
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