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Formalin 37% Price For Sale
產品: Formalin 37% Price For Sale
<p class="p" style="margin-left:0.0000pt;text-indent:0.0000pt;vertical-align:baseline;"> <b><span style="font-family:Ta ...
公司: [ CN] ShijiazhuangXinlongweiChemicalCo.,Ltd.
oil cleaning
產品: 脫油劑
oil cleaning for metal. nickel,zinc plating process
公司: [ TW] chyi der chemical co ltd
Caustic soda
產品: Caustic Soda
Caustic Soda CAS NO: 1310-73-2 Molecular Formula: NaOH Molecular Weight: 40 EINECS NO.: 215-185-5 UN NO: 1823 DG Class: 82001 Term 1. Caustic ...
公司: [ CN] Hebeitaibaichemical Co.,Ltd
Zinc Oxide
產品: Zinc Oxide
H.S Code: 2817 0010 Formula: ZnO Description: State of Matter Solid Form: Powder Color: White or Slightly Yellowish Odour: Odourless Specification ZnO: ...
公司: [ CN] Henan Welong Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd
Bronze powder
產品: Bronze Powder
Bronze Powder CAS No.: 7440-50-8 Color: Light brown Mesh: -100, -200, -325 Appearance: Light brown Application: Diamond products, oil ...
公司: [ CN] Tongling new techonology Co.,Ltd.
impregnated pelletized activated carbon
產品: Impregnated Pelletized Activated Carbon
1)Impregnated with Potassium Hydroxide 7% 2)Impregnated with Potassium Iodine 2% and Sodium Hydroxide 3% 3)Impregnated with Potassium Iodine 2% 4)Impregnat ...
公司: [ CN] Handan KeyDesign co.,LTD.
activated bleaching earth
產品: Activated Bleaching Earth
Activated bleaching earth is used for filter and de-colorize animal, vegetable and mineral fats And oils.We are the biggest manufacturer of Activated Bleaching ...
公司: [ CN] Nanning Guirun Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Nitrocellulose Chips
產品: Nitrocellulose Chips
we are the manufacturer of nitrocellulose,nitrocellulose chips,and nitrocellulose slurry.It has been possessing expansive bosom and strategic foresight ...
公司: [ CN] Eastern Chemical Industy Co.,ltd
refrigerant gas r22
產品: Refrigerant Gas r22
Our R22 passed the US UL certification, top quality in China. Pls see the detailed as below: 1) Purity:99.9%min 2)Moisture, PPM:10 3)Acidity (as HCl), ...
公司: [ CN] Ningbo Yinzhou Jinmei Chemical Co.,Ltd
Hydrazine Hydrate
產品: Hydrazine Hydrate
We are a leading manufactutere in China for Hydrazine Hydrate. Please contact me for details if you are interested.
公司: [ CN] Yibin Tianyuan Co., Ltd
Sodium Tri Poly Phosphate (STPP)---Tech Grade Parameters Unit Criteria Na5P3O10 pct 94 min P2O5 pct 57 min Phase I pct 10-40 Insoluble in Water pct 0.1 ...
公司: [ CN] GuangXi QinZhou RongDe Phosph-Chemicals Co.,Limited
產品: Nicotine
Name: Nicotine Appearance: Light Yellow or limpidity liquid Specification: 99.5 Molecular Formula:C10H14N2 Molecular Weight:162 Solubility: Dissolved ...
公司: [ CN] Shaanxi Tianze BTechnology Company
Litmus Paper
產品: Litmus Paper
PH range: 5.0-8.0 Litmus paper blue: Changes color from blue to red when conditions change from alkaline to acidic Litmus paper neutral: Changes ...
公司: [ CN] Guangzhou Norm Scientific Instrument Co., Ltd
Yellow Phosphorus
產品: Yellow Phosphorus
Specifications: Mw:123.89 Quality: Yellow waxy solid. Relative density 1.82(20), melting point 44.1 boiling point 280, dissolve in lye, benzene(c6h6), ...
公司: [ CN] LinChen Group
UCPSA98 C5 Petroleum Resin for Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
產品: UCPSA98 C5 Petroleum Resin For Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
UCPSA98 is a light yellow aromatically modified C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resin with a unique combination of light color designed for pressure sensitive ...
公司: [ CN] United Chemical Co., Ltd.
1,2-Propylene Glycol
產品: 1,2-Propylene Glycol
Propylene Glycol is colorless transparent liquid.Its melting point is -59.5c and boiling point is 187.3c, and can be mixed or solvent with water, alcohol ...
公司: [ CN] Anhui Eapearl Chemical Co., Ltd
pearl pigment
產品: Pearl Pigment
We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Pearlescent Pigments(Pearl Pigments) in China. Which is mica-titanium pearl luster pigment.Except ...
公司: [ CN] Yixing Pearlescent Pigment Co.,Ltd
Jiangmen Xinhui Overseas Chinese Industry Development Co., Ltd.
產品: Jiangmen Xinhui Overseas Chinese Industry Development Co., Ltd.
It's with honor to introduce us as one of the largest Gum Rosin producers here in China. We rank the 26th of the Top50 largest Chinese Gum Rosin exporters ...
公司: [ CN] Jiangmen Xinhui Overseas Chinese Industry Development Co., Ltd.
Titanium Dioxide Rutile R1930
產品: Titanium Dioxide Rutile R1930
Yuejiang Brand -Rutile Type Titanium Dioxide R1930 is made from the chlorination process, the quality has reached DuPont R-902 standard, white powder, ...
公司: [ CN] Shanghai Titanium Products Co.,Ltd.
Caustic Soda Flake 96% 98% 99%(CAS No.:1310-73-2)
產品: Caustic Soda Flake 96% 98% 99%(CAS No.:1310-73-2)
Caustic Soda Flake 96% 98% 99%(CAS No.:1310-73-2) Re: Caustic Soda 99%Min Flakes Specification Molecular Formular: NaOH Specification: NaOH: ...
公司: [ CN] Liancheng Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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