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Disc membrane filter
產品: Disc Membrane Filter
Feature: 1. compatible with strong acids and aggressive solutions 2. naturally hydrophobic 3. improved durability and handling 4. filtration of ...
公司: [ CN] Starlab Scientific
uvc lamp for water sterilization
產品: Uvc Lamp For Water Sterilization
Products description: The UVC lamp is made by quartz tube which can penetrate the ultraviolet wavelength 253.7nm, ultraviolet wave 253.7nm is formed ...
公司: [ CN] Jiangyin Feiyang Instrument Co.,Ltd.
movable toilet
產品: Movable Toilet
Integrated design, compact structure, space saving Combination of independent two-stage purification device, more selective Sludge production is low, ...
公司: [ CN] Weimei Shangmao Ltd.
package domestic sewage treatment plant
產品: Package Domestic Sewage Treatment Plant
Features: 1, can set on the ground or underground, if underground, above the surface can be used as green or other land, no housing and heating, insulation. ...
公司: [ ] Qingdao YiMei Environment Project Co.,Ltd
Pollution Prevention Equipments
產品: 空氣污染控制系統
Pollution Prevention Equipments
公司: [ TW] chyi der chemical co ltd
Lamella Tube Settler, Lamella Clarfiers Used in Waste Water
產品: Lamella Tube Settler, Lamella Clarfiers Used In Waste Water
The Plastic sloped tube packing produced can be divided into two types: sloped type and straight type. The material adopted includes Polypropylene(PP), ...
公司: [ ] Hebei Long Zhuo Trade Co.,Ltd
sodium dichloroisocyanurate
產品: 二氯异氰尿酸钠
二氯异氰尿酸钠(DCCNa) 别名:优氯净 分子式:C3O3N3Cl2Na 分子量:219.95 物化性质 本品为白色结晶粉末或粒状物,具有一种特殊的刺激性气味,熔点240-250°C,易溶于水,难溶于有机溶剂。 产品指标 有效氯:≥60%,≥56% 1%水溶液PH值:6.5-7.0 溶解度(25°C):25g/100g 水不溶物:≤0.1%
公司: [ CN] Tianyuan Chemical Co.,L td.
Urea line Quick Connector Fitting
產品: Urea Line Quick Connector Fitting
Medium:AdBlue Operating pressure: approx. 10 bar,excess pressure Products standard: SAE J2044.SAE J2045 Advantages: Fast assembly without tool time ...
公司: [ CN] Linhai East-Ocean Industry Co.,Ltd
Filter Cartridge
產品: Filter Cartridge
Coconut shell base activated carbon filter cartridge Suitable for National PJ6RF Purifiers
公司: [ MY] Laju Marketing Sdn Bhd.
Vehicle air purifier
產品: 车载空气净化器(OEM)
车载空气净化器采用世界上最先进的无火电薰香技术,能确保车内使用的安全性。法国原装纯植物精油能强化体质,抗菌杀菌,除异味,分解二手烟,净化空气。同时还能分解甲醛等致癌物。使用后能迅速清除 疲劳,有提神醒脑之功效,让司机在枯燥的旅程中变得轻松怡然。
公司: [ CN] 中国武汉美惠净薰香总部
Waste Water Treatment System
產品: Waste Water Treatment System
The integrated domestic sewage treatment device which based on home and abroad sewage treatment equipment operating experience, and combined with our ...
公司: [ CN] Qingdao Hailuoke Environmental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd
Deodorant for pets
產品: Deodorant For Pets
It is environment-friendly product. It uses the international leading microbe technology which licks up odor products by microbe. It can effectively degrade ...
公司: [ CN] Shaanxi Fu an Organism Science and Technology Company, Ltd.
Biodegradable Cup & Food Container
產品: Biodegradable Cup &Amp; Food Container
Innovative Biodegradable Products, fully compostable material.
公司: [ TW] Chien Fua Bio-Tech Industry Co., Ltd.
Factory supply wastewater treatment chemical PAC 30% Poly Aluminum Chloride Polyaluminium Chloride
產品: Factory Supply Wastewater Treatment Chemical PAC 30% Poly Aluminum Chloride Polyaluminium Chloride
APPRANCE : LIGHT YELLOW POWDER Aluminium oxide(Al2O3) % 32% Basicity% 87% Water insoluble % 0.2% PH (10g/L water solution) 4.6 (As)/% 0.0008% (Pb)/% ...
公司: [ CN] Guangzhou ShuiRun Chemical company
neem pesticide , neem folier spray , neem oil ,
產品: Neem Pesticide , Neem Folier Spray , Neem Oil ,
We are the leading manufacturer of the pure neem pesticide with Japan formula , 100% Chemcial free . Interted buyers requested to contact us diractly ...
公司: [ IN] Parker Enterprises
Fine bubble diffuser
產品: Fine Bubble Diffuser
ALo250D : 10" (250mm) ALo320D : 12.5" (320mm) ALo300T : 3" * 12" ALo600T : 3" * 24"
公司: [ TW] Diann Bao Enterprise Co., Ltd.
RO-3012 Household RO Membrane Elements 300GPD
產品: RO-3012 Household RO Membrane Elements 300GPD
RO-3012 Household RO Membrane Elements 300GPD (Suit for :Household water purifier or GPD300 other use ) Specifications RO Membrane Element ...
公司: [ CN] Hunan Keensen Technology Co.,ltd
產品: Absorball
An all-purpose absorbent for oil, water, grease and all liquids. Absorb-it-all is made from natural pozzolan which absorbs up to 20% more than other floor ...
公司: [ SG] True Green Company
Travel Flask
產品: Travel Flask
The main products include bullet vacuum flasks, vacuum lunch boxes, vacuum coffee pots, driving mugs, children cup, manager flask, army pot. The vacuum ...
公司: [ CN] Zhejiang Flying Eagle S/S Of Thermos Co.,Ltd.
automatic swimming pool cleaner
產品: Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaner
Features: It is also called swimming pool cleaner robot. It is consist of three parts,such as cleaner robot, power supply box and trolley with operating ...
公司: [ CN] Guangzhou Denor Engineering Co.,Ltd
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