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Oil varnished silk
產品: Oil Varnished Silk
Basic Material: Silk Impregnated Varnish: Oily varnish Temp. class: A(105 degree) Features and Applications: - Excellent softness and Electric property. ...
公司: [ CN] HennanYaan Insulation Materials Plant Co.,Ltd.
Photoelectric coupler
產品: Photoelectric Coupler
Parts TLP181 model Features standard, high CTR, SEMKO-already authentication Wrap: appearance MFSOP6 shape Tube foot several 4 Surface installation ...
公司: [ CN] 潮光电子(香港)有限公司
產品: Pcb,Fpc
Dear Sir or Madam, If you want to buy pcb&fpc,Pls don't hesitate to contact me!We wil give you the cheaply price in chia.Contact now!
公司: [ CN] Guangzhou kinral Electronic co.,ltd
GPRS/Wireless LAN PC Card GC79
產品: GPRS/Wireless LAN PC Card GC79
The GPRS/Wireless LAN PC Card GC79 is the fastest, most flexible way for any laptop user to stay in constant connection with the office when on the road. Wire ...
公司: [ CN] shenzhen renben technology co,ltd
15-20W LED panel lamp power supply _YL-W1520FA
產品: 15-20W LED Panel Lamp Power Supply _YL-W1520FA
15-20W LED panel lamp power supply _YL-W1520FA 15-20W LED panel lights driver, this series of products are designed for the power supply design LED ...
公司: [ CN] Yili LED Drive Power Co., LTD
Sheet Metal electrical housing
產品: Sheet Metal Electrical Housing
The sheet metal stamping in galvanized steel, which is our custom metal stamping, used in firebox of electrical /gas fireplace. Our company is a full ...
公司: [ CN] Ningbo Bold Metalworking Co., Ltd.
5mm oval LED diode
產品: 5mm Oval LED Diode
Feature: 1)5mm Ovel Type (5.2*3.7*7.1mm) LED Lamps. 2)Choice of various viewing angles. 3)Diffused, Transparent and Water clear lens are available. 4)IC ...
公司: [ CN] Betlux Electronics Co.,Ltd
stepper motor
產品: Stepper Motor
The stepper motor mainly use in electrograph, printer, scanner, CNC etc.
公司: [ CN] Best Tech
Water-proof box
產品: Water-Proof Box
This set of boxes has totally seven boxes, different in size.It is of good quality and outlook. The water-proof performance reaches IP44 and IP55. It is ...
公司: [ CN] Wenzhou Guangyuan Electric Co., Ltd
DVB-T car set top box  for car
產品: DVB-T Car Set Top Box For Car
1.Use Dib-con dib 9090M high performance chip 2.2.Speed over 230km/h min (at 8k,64QAM,CR 2/3,GI1/8,474MHz) 3.High doppler effect correction. 4.provide ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen ASTAR Technology Co., Ltd.
Spare Parts of Power Plant Equipment ,Secondhand Steam Turbine Generator Set
產品: Spare Parts Of Power Plant Equipment ,Secondhand Steam Turbine Generator Set
SIETAPOWERcom PowerWe supply the world class equipment with spare parts. All equipments spare parts made in China could be supplied by us. Boiler, Turbine, ...
公司: [ CN] SIETA Power group
Video Optical transmitter and receiver
產品: Video Optical Transmitter And Receiver
FEATURE: 1. FM Video Transmission educes hosting, jitter and cross- talk between channels, providing superior video transmission ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen LongChangZhen Technology Co.,Ltd
產品: 液晶顯示
公司: [ TW] Sunlike Display Tech Corp.
General Purpose Rectifier Diode
產品: General Purpose Rectifier Diode
Huixin is a high-tech enterprise, specialized in research, production, sales and service of semiconductor devices.
公司: [ CN] Guangdong Huixin Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.
產品: PCB
Application: Telecommunication equipment Power supply Testing and controlling equipment Medical equipment Aeronautics ...
公司: [ CN] InnoQuick Electronics Limited
5w adapter
產品: 5w Adapter
Shenzhen All-Key Technology Co., Ltd. is a leader in designing and manufacturing power bank and adapter from 1 watt to 36 watt series, applicable for all ...
公司: [ CN] shenzhen all key technology
large screen video wall projector lamp UHP 120W 1.3
產品: Large Screen Video Wall Projector Lamp UHP 120W 1.3
Lamp model:UHP 120W 1.3 Price: negociate Package: original standard to export Shipment: 2-5 days Warranty: 90 day Guangzhou nianchuang electronic ...
公司: [ CN] nianchuang guangzhou electronic co., ltd
computer case
產品: Computer Case
(1). Support: Micro ATX/ATX/P4 (2). Thickness: 0.6 mm (3). Front port: 2 USB, 2 Audio (4). CD-ROM(5.25") space:2 (5). H.D.D(3.5") space ...
公司: [ CN] web rich tech co.,ltd
Mini Universal remote
產品: Mini Universal Remote
Mini remote is a newly launched universal TV remote controller. It can operate the most majority of TV sets with different brands, models and dates of ...
公司: [ CN] MeiTong Electrical CO.,LTD
 AlNICo Magnet
產品: 鋁鎳鈷合金磁鐵
鋁鎳鈷合金磁鐵是由金屬鋁 、鎳、鈷、鐵和其他微量金屬元素構成的一種合金。其金屬成分的構成不同, 磁性能不同,從而用途也不同。鋁鎳鈷永磁有兩種不同的生產工藝:鑄造和燒結。鑄造鋁鎳鈷工藝可以加工生產成不同的尺寸和形狀,強度高,抗腐蝕能力強,具有良好的溫度穩定性,最高工作溫度可達600℃以上。 產品應用廣泛,主要用於各種感測器、儀錶、電子、機電、醫療、教學、汽車、航空、軍事技術等領域
公司: [ TW]
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