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Hyaluronic Acid
產品: Hyaluronic Acid
Product Name: Hyaluronic Acid Synonyms Name: Sodium Hyalurate CAS No.: 9004-61-9 Grade: Cosmetic grade Assay: >95% Molecular ...
公司: [ CN] ShanDong XingXing Trading Co.,Ltd
Multi-Moisturizing Mask / Multi-Repair Mask
產品: 多元保濕面膜 / 多元修護面膜
多元保濕面膜 内含玫瑰、小黄瓜、葡萄多酚等天然高效保濕萃取成分,同時為肌膚注入長效清新的保濕分子,活化肌膚,淡化臉部細小紋路及黑色素,讓肌膚白皙透亮有彈性,使肌膚由内而外散發透亮光采。 主要成份: 玫瑰萃取液、小黃瓜萃取液、米胚萃取液、葡萄多酚 用 途: 淨白、保濕、滋潤肌膚 多元修護面膜 內含頂級廣霍香萃取搭配番紅花萃取對於受損肌膚能有效鎮靜、舒緩日曬後或淨斑後肌膚,減緩不適感;桑白皮萃取成分能潤白肌膚、打造淨透亮白的膚況;蘆薈保濕成分能替肌膚注入保濕因子,滿足肌膚多重需求。 主要成份: 廣霍香萃取液、蘆薈萃取液、桑白皮萃取液、番紅花萃取液 用 途: 修護、鎮靜、保濕、舒緩肌膚;適用於淨班、日曬後肌膚
公司: [ TW] Yen Ya Tang Biotech Co., Ltd.
 hyaluronic acid gel
產品: Hyaluronic Acid Gel
Shaping Facial Contours Correcting Hollow Cheeks Improving Chin Treating Wrinkles Treating Forehead Wrinkles Treating Glabellar Lines Treating ...
公司: [ CN] ShanDong Apollo Biochem Co.,Ltd.
hyaluronic acid
產品: Hyaluronic Acid
ailed Product Description Sodium Hyaluronate which is also called Hyaluronic acid(HA) is a natural biotic component, widely existing in skin and any ...
公司: [ CN] Qufu Liyang Biochem Industrial Co., Ltd Ministry of Foreign Trade
Dermaroller Micro Needle Derma Roller Dr Pen Face Beauty Dermapen Skin Rejuvenation Acne Scars Repai
產品: Dermaroller Micro Needle Derma Roller Dr Pen Face Beauty Dermapen Skin Rejuvenation Acne Scars Repai
Dermaroller, Skin Roller, Micro Needle Roller, Microneedle, Derma Roller, Face Roller 1200-needle(1.5mm) head helps reduce scarring, stretch marks, ...
公司: [ CN] Vano Technology Industrial Limited
faical masks(www.djcosmetic.com)
產品: Faical Masks(Www.Djcosmetic.Com)
Guangzhou Danjia Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Established in 1999 and started our own factory in 2000. Now our factory covers 8000 sq. M., and has more than 200 ...
公司: [ CN] Guangzhou Danjia Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
Hyaluronic Acid Filler/ Dermal Filler
產品: Hyaluronic Acid Filler/ Dermal Filler
Product Description: Hyaluronic acid(HA) is a straight chain macromolecular mucopolysaccharide composed Of repeat disaccharide units of glucuronic acid ...
公司: [ CN] Apollo International Trading Co.,Ltd.
HydraGel Eye Mask
產品: HydraGel Eye Mask
HydraGel eye mask quickly and effectively targets problems unique to the eye area caused by ageing fatique and dehydration. Designed to adhere perfectly ...
公司: [ MY] Derma Sciences Sdn Bhd
Oxygen system
產品: Oxygen System
Oxygen system is mainly used to prevent skin from aging, including: to accelerate cell activity, to increase blood circulation, to enhance metabolism, ...
公司: [ CN] Guangzhou Huafei Tongda Technology Co., Ltd.
Skin Care Instrument
產品: Skin Care Instrument
1. A unique multi function therapy unit utilizing the effects of 3 therapy and beauty modalities. Ideal for professional or personal use. 2. Beauty therapy ...
公司: [ CN] Kang He Jia Xin Electric Co., Ltd. Zhuhai
Marjana Essence Solution
產品: Marjana Essence Solution
It contains Porcine Placenta Extract, Collagen Peptide, Hyaluronic Acid, N-Acetyl-Glucosamine, a-Tocopherl, Rosemarnic Acid, Deep Ocean Trace Mineral, ...
公司: [ TW] Marjana Biotech International Co., Ltd.
Far Infrared portable sauna, Far infrared Sauna room, Infrared thermal sauna, Far Infrared home saun
產品: Far Infrared Portable Sauna, Far Infrared Sauna Room, Infrared Thermal Sauna, Far Infrared Home Saun
2.Foldable, light and easy to clean The sauna box is foldable and therefore enables you to place it anywhere at home or other places if you like . Besides ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Anpan Technology Co.Ltd
disposable mask
產品: Disposable Mask
non woven surgical mask: with tie or with elastic, with adjustable nose aluminum wires, 2ply or 3ply
公司: [ CN] Xiangtan Yongling Medical Instrument Co.Ltd
soap paper
產品: Soap Paper
Remove soap leaf with dry hand, lay it in your hand. Wet soap in palm to lather.Rinse well to enjoy cleanliness and fragrance. Hand cream contained in ...
公司: [ CN] Nanjing Fanyong Enterprise Co., LTD
Softening&soothing facial lotion
產品: Softening&Amp;Soothing Facial Lotion
Softening&soothing facial lotion: 1.Moisturizing and locking skin water 2.repairing damaged skin while accelerating cell regeneration 3.soothing,relaxing ...
公司: [ CN] Bodylife Cosmetic Company Limited
Ion & vibration eye massager
產品: Ion &Amp; Vibration Eye Massager
Ion & vibration eye massager 1.Vibration and Ion Massager; 2.Rapid Eliminate Wrinkle; 3.Compact sizes; 4.Automatic working once it touches the ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Trendz technology Co., Ltd
Beauty equipment IPL
產品: Beauty Equipment IPL
Theory of operating(IPL) These are intense pulsed lights' pictures. The system emits a broad spectrum of intense pulsed light through a small, smooth ...
公司: [ CN] Beijing Hop Leading Edge Laser Techno Co.,Ltd.
產品: BTX
Biotin is a sulfur content of water-soluble vitamins. It widespread in the animal and plant tissues, from liver extract and egg yolks in isolation, is ...
公司: [ CN] guangzhou aima business co.ltd
Whitening Spot Removing Cream
產品: Whitening Spot Removing Cream
It can noirish the damaged cells, restore the moisture of skin, effectively penetrate deep into skin, boost the metabolism of skin, decompose the accumulated ...
公司: [ CN] Maidiya Cosmetics Co,Ltd.
Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy Equipment
產品: Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy Equipment
Accessories and parts: Host 1pc Therapeutic handle 1pc Foot switch 1 pc Therapeutic head 1 pc Power line 1pc Handle pedestal 1pc Handwaritting pen ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Oceanus Medical Device Co., Ltd.
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