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Electric Actuator (OM-7~OM-8)
產品: Electric Actuator (OM-7~OM-8)
Sun Yeh actuators suit for ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, and damper, etc., which are widely applied for the control on water level, temperature, ...
公司: [ TW] Sun Yeh Electrical Ind, Co,.Ltd.
TWRO REsidentail Reverse Osmosis Water System
產品: TWRO REsidentail Reverse Osmosis Water System
Residential RO Water 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis RO System TWRO Reverse Osmosis RO System is 5 Stage water treatment device which is the best solution for ...
公司: [ TW] Triwin Watertec Co., Ltd.
General Killer(50g / 500g)
產品: General Killer(50g / 500g)
Prevents the infection of parasitical illness of Symphysodon Discus such as Dactylogyrus Chilodonella, Trichodina, and fish lice. Indications: Blackening ...
公司: [ TW] Huey Hung Aquarium Equipment Co.
產品: Adhesive
Hot melt adhesive, super glue, anacreobic adhesive, epoxy...and related applicators. 各類接著劑-熱融膠,瞬間膠,UV膠...及上膠設備
公司: [ TW] Tech Seed Enterprise Co., Ltd.
產品: Compozyme
1. Decomposes organic sludge ( including excess feeds, dead planktons, excreta ) 2. Stabilizes water quality 3. Prevents pond bottom from deterioration 4. ...
公司: [ TW] All Jet Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zinc Dross
產品: Zinc Dross
The spec. is as follows: Zn 90-97% Al 0.4-2.5% Fe 0.25-1% Si 0-0.2% Cu 0-0.006% Pb 0.1-0.21% Lumpish - two size of 900kg & 450 kg If ...
公司: [ TW] Pan-Continental Chemical Co.,Ltd.
glow in the dark powder
產品: Glow In The Dark Powder
Glow in the dark powder is made of Solonetz aluminates / Solonetz silicate material. this powder available glow in the dark more than 12hours,after absorb ...
公司: [ HK] L And B Group Co.,Ltd
產品: SHMP
Uses: For industrial use, such as oil field, paper-making, textile, dyeing, petrochemical industry, tanning industry, metallurgical industry and building ...
公司: [ CN] tianjin weikete import&export co.,ltd
calcium carbide 15-25mm
產品: Calcium Carbide 15-25mm
Calcium Carbide Size::15-25mm Gas yield:295l/kg H2s<0.08% Ph3<0.06% Molecular formula:CaC2 UN:1402 Class:4.3 HS ...
公司: [ CN] SanShi Metallurgic And Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd
產品: Gamma-Methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane
WD-70 is a methacryl-functional silane, it is a clear, light and heat sensitive liquid with a faintly sweet odour. WD-70 is used as adhesion promoter ...
公司: [ CN] WD Silane
2-Mercaptonicotinic acid
產品: 2-Mercaptonicotinic Acid
2-Mercaptonicotinic acid 2-Mercaptopyridine-3-carboxylic acid CAS:38521-46-9 Appearance: slight yellow powder Assay:98.5% min Spot goods Industrial ...
公司: [ CN] hebeisheng shijiazhuang Dowell Chemical Co.,Ltd.
chlorinated polyethylene
產品: Chlorinated Polyethylene
Wuxi Jubang Auxiliaries Co.,Ltd, exporting cpe 135a with SGS approved, good quality and pretty competitive price.Our factory will provide the applicable ...
公司: [ CN] Wuxi Jubang Auxiliaries Co.,Ltd
Atorvastatin intermediates L 1
產品: Atorvastatin Intermediates L 1
Cat. No. A1009 Information: Atorvastatin intermediates L 1 is chemical intermediate for Atorvastatin. Chemical Name: tert-butyl 2-((4R,6R)-6-(2-(2-(4-fluorop ...
公司: [ CN] abiochem
Stearic Acid Single/Double/Triple Pressed
產品: Stearic Acid Single/Double/Triple Pressed
Stearic Acid Single/Double/Triple Pressed CAS No.: 57-11-4 Molecular Formula:C18H36O2 Appearance: Pure white slightly waxy luster small piece of crystal. ...
公司: [ CN] Hebei Tuozhan Chemicals Co.,Ltd
產品: Tyre
We provide all brands China-original tyres
公司: [ CN] Qingdao AOI Tyre Co.,Limited
Ginsenoside RH2+RG3
產品: Ginsenoside RH2+RG3
Ginseng that is called The King of Herbs possesses such multiple unique functions as greatly improving weak constitution, prolonging life, curing diseases ...
公司: [ CN] Kunming Dali Group
Bismuth Oxide
產品: Bismuth Oxide
Bismuth Oxide Purity:≥99.5% Molecular Formula: Bi2O3 CAS NO.: 1304-76-3 Molecular Structure: Molecular Weight: 465.95 Properties: The yellow ...
公司: [ CN] Shanghai Sinsunways Co, Ltd
Zinc Oxide
產品: Zinc Oxide
Product Name: Zinc Oxide Place of Origin: China Specifications: Applications: the powder is mainly used as the reinforcing agent and cure activating ...
公司: [ CN] Qingdao Chinaoil Co.,Ltd
quartz cruicble
產品: Quartz Cruicble
Our company supply quartz crucible for pulling monocrystalline silicon.Our crucible is all made of the high purity quartz sand from American UNIMIN Company ...
公司: [ CN] Hebei Jinglong Import And Export Trade Co., Ltd
Body Protection
產品: Body Protection
Work clothes series : protection overalls, T-shirt, POLO, outdoor jackets, reflective clothes, etc. And also can be customized as needed.
公司: [ CN] Ningbo Container Loading Solution Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
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