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Heading Machine
產品: Heading Machine
Competitive price, prompt delivery time and high quality.
公司: [ TW] Dah Lian Machine Co., Ltd.
SL solventless laminator
產品: SL Solventless Laminator
The solventless laminator provides an answer for the growing environmental concerns and protection measures. It also eliminates the possibility of solvent ...
公司: [ TW] Kuen Yuh Machinery Engineering Co. Ltd.
Cubic coated printing
產品: Cubic Coated Printing
film activator,machineries, turn-key plant project
公司: [ TW] Cheng Feng Chih Hui Co.,Ltd.
Ink Rolling Stick
產品: 油墨滾棒
D45度 C300m/m~2000m/m. 運轉平穩,材質耐溶劑,本體高級鋁合金
公司: [ TW] U-Tech Machinery Co., Ltd.
產品: TOY
公司: [ TW] Dai Lung Chemicals Works Co., Ltd.
Positive Thermal CTP Plate
產品: 熱感CTP版
THP-99熱感CTP版材優勢特性 ‧高相容性的版材:   太普熱感CTP版與目前你所購選的CTP版相比,沒有繁雜的調整手續。只需微調些許數據,你就能輕鬆地將THP-99運用在現有機器設備上。如果你已厭倦與獨家供應商協調有關價錢、服務、及庫存議題,或許早已不滿意供應商在合約上的限制,那麼你就應該選擇太普先進的熱感CTP版THP-99,你將擁有自由的選擇權,並且超越往昔的腳步。 ‧給你無束缚的版材選購自由: 先進的熱感CTP版,有著極佳的相容性。其獨特設計,使版才能適於各式不同的出版機,適合報紙及商業廣告印製。其簡便的操作、快速的適應性、不僅能替你減少操作的時間並且能降低生產成本,創造更多的利潤。 ‧降低成本提高獲利: THP-99有著絕佳的解析度,即使是不同的出版機,都能呈現良好的影像。此外,成本的降低使你在市場上,能以較好的品質及優惠的價格擊倒眾多競爭對手。「降低成本,提高獲利」的全新感受,正等著你來體會。
公司: [ TW] Top High Image Corp.
giant advertising balloon, giant advertising inflatable, helium balloon, cold air display, ball
公司: [ TW] Chainlusen Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Sublimation transfer Ink for offset Printing ( FLYING-FD-S )
產品: Sublimation Transfer Ink For Offset Printing ( FLYING-FD-S )
Sublimation Inks for Litho Press ( FLYING-FO-SA ) Contact : Zoe Yang Skype : sublimeinks FLYING FO-SA Sublimation Ink was designed for offset printing . It was used on all kinds offset printing machine such as single-color , dual-color and multi-color offset printing machine .Be adaptable to the demand for medium-speed or high-speed printing . Strong Point of FLYING FO-SA Sublimation Ink : 1) This sublimation ink is safe for the environment and has no harm to skin . It does not belong to corrosives . 2) There is no accumulation of ink on the rolls and the number of machine washings is greatly reduced. 3) Black is very intense and gives good coverage without domination of the other colours . 4) With high printing performance and outcome . 5) Have no skinning within 72 hours Typical Uses of FLYING FO-SA Sublimation Ink : Biking Jerseys, Team Uniforms , Fashion T-Shirts , Garments , Custom Roll Textiles , Flags , Banners , Tradeshow Booths and Displays , Casino Tables , Casino Chips , Surfboards , Skateboards , Snowboards , Skies , Custom Furniture , Interior Design , 3D dye sublimation applications , sublimation aluminum sheet , key rings , display products , plates , mugs , ceramic etc. Use Method of FLYING FO-SA Sublimation Ink : 1) The first part is very simple and resembles exactly to normal process of offset printing . Precisely in the same manner, we offset print the artwork (as mirror image) on the offset paper using sublimation offset ink . 2) Put the printed paper on substrates,such as polyester and nylon fabric . After offset printing, put the printed paper on the surface of the substrates , and with printed surface facing downwards on the surface of substrates. 3) Put both the paper and substrates on the heat press. And heat ,time and pressure is applied using a heat press. The ink sublimates i.e. converts to gaseous form and gets deposited "into" the surface, thus transferring image. 4) Finally ,take out paper and fabric from heat press ,the final product will be born .
公司: [ CN] Flying Sublimation Ink Co. Ltd
Thermal transfer film slitting machine
產品: Thermal Transfer Film Slitting Machine
◆The all new JY-100S 1.Provides you with improved process control that assures excellent repeatability and quality by displaying important date at all ...
公司: [ TW] Jiuhyan Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd
inflatable arch
產品: Inflatable Arch
1 . Beautiful appearance 2. High quality and competitive price. Advertising inflatable arch can perfectly meet you need. You can add logos ...
公司: [ CN] Yantai Waha Inflatable Co.,Ltd
產品: 路燈旗
flags, banners, flagpore, pennant, standard, vest, flag pedstal, sleeveless jacket.
公司: [ TW] Jeo Sheng Flags Co., Ltd.
water jet cutting machine
產品: Water Jet Cutting Machine
water jet cutting machine is now the most powerful cutting machine in the world.we manufacture best quality water jet cutting machine in China. Foshan ...
公司: [ CN] Jiangsu eagle power machine co.,ltd
產品: Calendar
1.title:calendar,stationery 2.Paper material: 1500gsm grey board ,128gsm glossy art paper,80gsm uncoated paper 3.printing:4C 4.processing: pasted, ...
公司: [ CN] Guangzhou Xinyi Printing Co Ltd
digital textile printer for polyester, cotton, silk
產品: Digital Textile Printer For Polyester, Cotton, Silk
* one point eight printing width * Use two epson heads * Can print on any thick fabric and sublimation paper * We use double glue rollers instead ...
公司: [ CN] Signstar International Industrial Limited Company
RFID Smart Label UHF Alien/UPM Raflatac/Impinj Monza Adhesive Label
產品: RFID Smart Label UHF Alien/UPM Raflatac/Impinj Monza Adhesive Label
1. Available Dimensions: -Square * 76X76mm, 45x45mm, 50x50mm Etc. -Rectangular * 19X6mm, 75x25mm, 73x21mm, 75x22mm, 82x23mm, 89x26mm, 13x98mm, 34x106mm, ...
公司: [ CN] Shenzhen Moxie Electronics Co., Ltd
brochure , booklet,printing service,catalog
產品: Brochure , Booklet,Printing Service,Catalog
1)Size and style:standard size or customer requirements 2)Graph Design:Illustrator,Photoshop,CorelDraw,page maker 3) Material: book paper Cast-coated ...
公司: [ CN] HiJeng ChenTai Printing Products Co.,Ltd
Advertising Material, Color Vinyl Film
產品: Advertising Material, Color Vinyl Film
Features: 1) Full range of colors. 2) Durability for 1-2 year for outdoor, 3-5 year for indoor. Under normal condition use, for example: Non-industry ...
公司: [ CN] SignsCal Coating & Lamination Co., Ltd
Large Format Inkjet Printer
產品: Large Format Inkjet Printer
Type of Printheads: all solvent heads Quantity of Printheads: 4/8/12 heads Top Resolution: 1440DPI Width of Media: 1.8m/2.5m/3.2m Ink Type: ...
公司: [ CN] Lanscend Industrial Limited
Self-adhesive label paper
產品: Self-Adhesive Label Paper
Self-adhesive label paper/label paper/thermal label High-quality, technology, environmental protection Self-adhesive label paper/label paper/thermal ...
公司: [ CN] Hao Fan Plastic Processing Factory
USB Radio
產品: USB Radio
USB Radio plays FM radio via USB on your PC. But it does not just play radio. The accompanying software scans the airwaves and presents you with a list ...
公司: [ CN] 6Dragon (HK) International Co., Ltd
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